The Quality, Environmental and Food Safety system implemented at TOMATES DEL GUADIANA S. COOP. satisfies with the requirements of the standard UNE-EN-ISO-9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO-14001:2015 and BRC VERSION 7. It is structured and adapted to the production activity for fruit and tomato concentrates, as well as for monodose packing of natural tomatoes and production and packing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lycopene. At the same time, it commits to comply with the legal requirements to protect the environment based on the granted INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORIZATION and other regulations subscribed by the organization.
    The Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Policy of TOMATES DEL GUADIANA S. COOP. Is based on following items:
    • 1. The main objective of the company is to ensure that the first processing of the fruit is carried out by its own producers.
    • 2. A firm engagement of TOMATES DEL GUADIANA S. COOP Management to carry out the implementation, evolution, continuous improvement and following up of the Quality, Environmental and Food Safety System of the company, as well as to establish necessary mechanism to facilitate the active participation of the whole staff to carry out the food safety.
    • 3. Strict compliance of current law, other regulations subscribed by the organization, HALAL and customer’s requirements; the production and processing of raw materials must be safety and legal to achieve a final product in accordance with all regulations.
    • 4. Development of a mutual cooperation with our suppliers informing them about our Quality, Environmental Management and Food Safety.
    • 5. Development of a mutual cooperation and relationship with our customers, informing them about our Quality, Environmental Management and Food Safety, in order to achieve a bigger satisfaction and to comply with the customer quality specifications.
    • 6. An engagement to continuously improves the quality of our final product, as well as the raw material (by no using GMO seeds).
    • 7. To store in good quality conditions the final products that are kept in stock in order to reduce loss of business and to increase the company’s yields.
    • 8. An engagement for continuous training of the Tomates Del Guadiana staff regarding quality, food safety and environmental management.
    • 9. To minimize the environmental impact of our activities through the control of generated environment, by following the philosophy of reducing and recycling our waste and when this is not possible to give them a final destination assuring the lowest possible impact of the environment and guarantee the continuous improvement of our environmental behavior and sustainability over time, maintaining a balance with the resources of our environment our privileged location between farmland allows us to reduce the times in the harvest season. These short periods of waiting guarantee a maximum conservation of the qualities of the fresh product and directly a reduction of the environmental impact.
    • 10. Monitored the water consumption so that this does not affect the localities in the environment of our industry, fundamental interested part of our company, using for the washing of the fresh fruit purified water and recycled in our own facilities, contributing to the saving of an ever more precious asset.
    • 11. The company will show its new ideas and proposals to develop improvement processes.
    • 12. The company is committed to minimize the risk of fraud and ensure that all product descriptions and claims are legal, appropriate and can be verified, through its Quality System, Environmental Management and Food Safety, providing authentic products.
    • 13. To prevent the possible contamination TOMATES DEL GUADIANA could issue to keep a mutually beneficial relationship with our environment.
    • 14. The company is aware of its ethical, social responsibility and the importance of the welfare of its workers.

    These items will be applied in a systematic way as per the Quality, Environmental Management and Food Safety that is developed and implemented. This policy is distributed among our site.

MG AX1 Rev.1 26-02-19. Approved by General Manager

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